Our Story

Our story begins with a Far Eastern family obsessed with silk. For years silk was an essential part of everyday life, bringing undeniable luxury and lasting quality.

The older son in the family, born with an artistic soul, found the smoothness of silk to be like the rippling of fingers across the finest piano. Sensitive to every aspect of life, he came to believe that the connections between humans were reflected in the materials surrounding them.

In embracing a Silk Space aesthetic, "lifestyle" becomes less mantra and more a constant pursuit of premium experience, greatly enhancing the comfort of loved ones. A brand that inspires, influences, and imagines, The Silk Space strives to cultivate modern warmth and sensuality, inviting every race, ethnicity, nationality, gender expression, and sexual orientation to slow down and relax.

Silk is not all about an ancient mystery from the East. The Silk Space seeks freedom of aesthetics, east and west connections, modern and ancient ways in a new, unexpected alchemy... the notion of simplicity resonating with the idea that only the best will do.

Mirroring the founder's journey, The Silk Space creates luxury items tailored to the perfect expression of individuality and beauty. Music, color and texture play together in ways that are never outdated.

The Silk Space welcomes you to create your story, for generations to come.