Care Instructions

Sleeping on a pure Mulberry Silk item from The Silk Space may do wonders for your skin and hair. It may greatly improve your quality of sleep, which contributes so much to your well-being. Hence, proper care should be taken when you’re washing your silk item so that you can enjoy its benefits for years to come!

Professional dry cleaning is recommended for best results. However, 100% pure silk is delicate, but contrary to popular opinion, it is not hard or fussy to care for as long as you do it right. Yes, you can put silk into the washing machine or hand wash it instead of expensive dry cleaning!

How to hand wash silk?

  1. Fill basin with cool to lukewarm water (30°C/86°F).
  2. Add a suitable amount of Gentle Silk Detergent according to its label.
  3. Turn your item inside out.
  4. Soak your item in the water for 5 minutes.
  5. Swish item in water for evenness. Gently Plunge up and down to remove dirt.
  6. Rinse item thoroughly with clean lukewarm water.
  7. DO NOT WRING item, gently pat with clean cloth for excess moisture.
  8. Hang dry with our quality Drying Rack Basket, away from direct sunlight.


How to machine wash silk?

  1. Most importantly. check the fabric label. Some silk items cannot be machine washed.
  2. If possible, wash different fabric and colors separately.
  3. Turn your item inside out.
  4. It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to place the item in a Mesh Bag to avoid damaging the silk fibers. Our quality Sandwich Mesh Bags are optimized for this step.
  5. Add proper amount of Gentle Silk Detergent according to its label.
  6. Set a Delicate Cycle or Silk Cycle on the machine. Use Cold Water.
  7. When the cycle is done, use a clean cloth to soak up excess moisture. DO NOT TUMBLE DRY!
  8. Hang dry with our quality Drying Rack Basket, away from direct sunlight.

    Remember, no matter how you wash your silk product, you must use a Gentle Silk-Safe Detergent. The Silk Space is currently formulating a special Silk Detergent and we will let our members know first-hand when it is ready. Come join our Space Rewards Centre now!


    The Pressing of Silk

    Silk is a fabric that is made up of natural silk fibres from the cocoon of a silkworm. With luxurious but delicate fibres, it will develop wrinkles when not stored properly. With proper care, you’ll get those wrinkles out in no time.

    The best way to get wrinkles out of silk is to use a steamer gun. Select “Silk Mode” or "Low Steam Mode" because you don’t want to damage the fabric with high heat. Pull tightly on the neckline and cuffs and steam them to remove stubborn creases. DO NOT touch the silk with the steamer head as it may damage the fabric.