Silk Rewards Centre

Indulge yourself even further by joining Silk Rewards Centre, our elite rewards program. Get exclusive access to amazing perks and features when you shop at The Silk Space. Join us for FREE and get a sign-up bonus of 500 Silk Points!


You will be awarded 10 Silk Points for every dollar spent at

For example, when you spend $100 with us, you will get 1000 Silk Points. 

Your Silk Points can be used to redeem coupons for your future purchase. There is an option in the checkout page that allows you to enter your coupon code to apply a discount. 

The exchange rate for coupons is as follows:

  • 1000 Silk Points = 10 Dollars
  • 3000 Silk Points = 30 Dollars
  • 5000 Silk Points = 50 Dollars
  • 10000 Silk Points = 100 Dollars
  • 20000 Silk Points = 200 Dollars
  • 30000 Silk Points = 300 Dollars
  • 50000 Silk Points = 500 Dollars

*NOTE: You can only use the coupons on orders over $100. 

To check your Silk Points please click on Rewards option on the menu bar or the "S" icon at the bottom left of the webpage to enter our membership and rewards program. Your points balance would be shown on top of the pop-up. 

*NOTE: Your points are valid for one whole calendar year from the date of earning them. For example, when you earned 100 points on January 8, 2023, your points will expire on January 7, 2024. Your points would be automatically deleted upon expiration date.