The Silk Essentials Sleep Set

100% 6A Graded
Mulberry Silk
Breathable with
Natural Thermo-regulation
OEKO-TEX® Standard
100 Certified
  • This set contains 4 items:
    • 22 momme silk sleep mask *1
    • 22 momme silk zipped pillowcase (Standard/Queen Size) *1
    • 22 momme silk scrunchies (Large & Skinny) *2
    • Ultra soft foam earplugs *10
  • 22 momme Charmeuse weave for all items.
  • Hypoallergenic, super resistant to dust mites.
  • Sleep-grade Ultra soft foam earplugs for optimum noise isolation.
  • Pillowcase has a zipper for a stronger, unobtrusive fitting.

Give yourself the night off. Using our Silk Essentials sleep set is the perfect way to unwind and rejuvenate after a long day.

With our trademark 22 momme Silk pillowcase, your hair will be kept smooth and tangle free throughout the night. Our sleep mask and ultra soft foam earbuds provides complete isolation with a dark and quiet sleep environment. Our Silk Scrunchie is great for those who have long hair by keeping it straight and out of the way when you sleep.